Signature Activity Programs

Peregrine Senior Living management offers its signature life-enrichment programs designed to stimulate and engage, such as:

Spiritual Programs

Our spiritual director leads services of celebration and faith to uplift the community on a daily basis.

Legacy Stories

Together, we will assist with the writing of the personal biographies for each of our residents interested in participation.

Around The World

Monthly, we explore different cultures of the world through dining, dress and music, and virtual reality glasses. Let’s be world travelers using our imaginations and the best new technologies.

Peregrine University

We partner with local experts and universities to offer lectures on a wide variety of topics for all.

Peregrine Language Studies

As a community, we will pick a foreign language that will be fun and keep our minds sharp!

Time Capsules

We work with residents to create a collection of keepsakes to calm, stimulate and lift their spirits.

Celebrate a Life

Once a month, we celebrate a featured resident with a party, photo retrospective, favorite songs, family testimonials and decorations.

Sample Activities


8:30 Church runs

9:30 Errand Runs

10:00 Puzzle Group

10:15 Get Fit Exercise Tape

11:00 Christian Services 

1:00 Sunday Football

3:00 Music: Daniel Henry

7:30 Wii Bowling w/Dorothy


8:00 Puzzle Group

9:00 Medical Runs

10:15 Manicures w/Bernadette 

10:15 Get Fit Exercise Tape

1:30 Wii Bowling w/Dorothy

3:00 Blackjack

7:00 Bingo Dianna


8:00 Puzzle Group

9:00 Medical Runs

10:00 Flu Shot Clinic

10:00 Tai Chi/ Qi Gong

10:15 Get Fit Exercise

11:00 Jeopardy

1:30 Word Games Brain Teasers 

3:15 Travel Log w/Beth

7:30 Entertainment

At The Gables of Brighton, we recognize that healthy people have active minds, bodies, and souls, so we make sure to design multiple activities every week to promote physical health, social interaction, intellectual stimulation, feeling productive and spiritual enrichment.

Managed by Peregrine Senior Living

Activity Type Key

  • Library
  • Living Room
  • Bus Trip
  • Eastman Room
  • Seneca Room